Sell Your Pre-Loved Omega Watch
in Any Condition

Sell Your Pre-Loved Omega Watch in
Any Condition

We Purchase all Omega watches

Among many brands, Omega enjoys a high reputation and popularity. Omega watches are also recognised as an excellent investment. Since 2016, the second-hand luxury watch market has grown significantly. Second-hand luxury watches are in great demand all over the world today. If you want to sell your Omega at a high price, make an appointment via WhatsApp with ALLU Mayfair in London.

Examples of Omega Recent Purchases

Omega Speedmaster 329. SS AT white dial
Omega Speedmaster 3510.50 SS AT black dial
Omega Seamaster professional

Omega Seamaster limited edition

How To Sell With Allu

We’ve tailored three selling experiences, each designed to accommodate your convenience and preference.


Efficiency meets comfort. Our store, just 3 minutes from Oxford Circus Station, offers quick assessments in private rooms. Let us know when suits you best.

You contact us via WhatsApp to book an appointment in our ALLU London store.

You arrive at our store and meet one of our expert in our private rooms.

Our team appraises your item and makes an offer. If you accept it, you get paid immediately via bank transfer.


Convenience at your doorstep. Our expert buyers can visit your home to value your luxury items. Share your availability with us.

You contact us via WhatsApp to book an appointment conveniently in the comfort of your home.

Our expert visits your home to value your luxury items.

We will appraise your items and make an offer. If you accept it, you get paid immediately via bank transfer.



Distance isn't a barrier. Ship your luxury items via DHL, insured and tracked. Request a pre-paid postage label today.

Contact us via WhatsApp or call us at +44 77984 965 259 to request a postage label or pickup service.

We will organise a pre-paid postage label for you via our logistics partner, DHL. We can also arrange doorstep collection if preferred.

Receive a quote within 48 working hours. Receive a rapid bank transfer upon acceptance. 

ALLU buys OMEGA in any condition


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Tips For Increasing Selling Price

You can make an appointment by WhatsApp or go directly to our stores to sell your Omega watch.

Don't forget to bring the original box and other accessories.

The more accessories you have, such as warranty cards, boxes and parts to adjust the bracelet, the higher the purchase price. Depending on the model, the purchase price may vary

Items that have been cleaned have a chance of getting a higher price.

The estimated purchase price will be higher if the watch is in good condition, therefore regular cleaning is recommended. Wipe off the various traces with a soft cloth to prevent rust. Also, if you have polishing certificates, etc., you can bring them to increase the estimated amount.

Sell ​​watches that are no longer in use as soon as possible

In principle, the older the watch, the lower the purchase price. If you are not using it, it is better to sell it before the purchase price drops.

Reduce repair cost. Increase buying price.

ALLU's In-house watch technician is a secret of our competitive pricing

In-house watch repair & overhaul

Maintenance cost comparison

Watches are precision instruments and require regular maintenance. Therefore, to sell the watches we buy from our customers at a higher price, we need to polish surface scratches and overhaul them to make them look new. If there is a fault, parts may be ordered from an authorised dealer and repaired. Other buyers often outsource this process to other companies, but we have our in-house watch technician who handles the work, which reduces maintenance costs. This allows us to buy the watch at a competitive price and even the watch which is refused to purchase by another store.

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