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Items We Seek

From luxury watches, bags and apparel to even precious metals such as gold, we purchase a wide range of pre-owned luxury items at high prices.

Why is ALLU's in-store service favoured among Londoners?

Discover ALLU London store - not just a place to sell your luxury items, but a complete service experience that resonates with the heart of London.

Competitive Offers

We offer unrivalled prices for your pre-owned luxury items. Turn your luxury goods into substantial cash.

Instant Cash Payment

ALLU ensures an immediate cash transaction, regardless of your item's value. No waiting, just instant monetary satisfaction.

Fast & Accurate Appraisals

Our team provides fast and accurate assessments of your items, saving you time without compromising on precision.

Wide Range of Items Accepted

We accommodate a broad spectrum of luxury items. From designer bags to diamonds, we're interested in them all.

The Central Location

Just a brief 3-minute stroll from Oxford Circus Station, ALLU is positioned strategically for ease of access.

Sophisticated Atmosphere

Experience our stylishly designed appraisal room that balances comfort with professionalism, enhancing your luxury selling journey.

Assured Confidentiality

At ALLU, we prioritize your privacy and ensure top-tier security for all transactions. We conduct business with utmost discretion.

Japanese Hospitality

Experience Japanese hospitality, Omotenashi, in our store. Every interaction is infused with respect, courtesy and an unwavering commitment to service.

Complimentary Refreshments

To enhance your in-store experience, we offer complimentary refreshments. Kick back with a snack or drink while we appraise items.

ALLU's Buying Power

ALLU has built its own circular ecosystem which buys items from customers locally
and sells through our selling platform globally.

That’s why we can buy

We aim to be a "Value Design Company" that provides life-changing value to all of our customers, despite the differences in our corporate locations and business activities, and to help each and every one of them realize their own way of life.

We aim to be a “Value Design Company” that accompanies our customers throughout their lives. Our Value designer will wait for you.

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