Welcome to Allu

Yes, you can obtain a complimentary valuation by popping into our ALLU shop in London.

Should you find the initially suggested price acceptable, we’ll send you an email with a form for shipping your item to us. Once we receive the form, we’ll provide a postage-paid shipping label for you.
Your only task is to securely pack your item and arrange for pickup, or if it’s more convenient, drop it off at your nearest Royal Mail. Upon receiving your item, our team will verify its authenticity and evaluate its condition. We’ll then quickly give you a final price and offer a purchase agreement. Should you agree to the terms, the contract can be signed digitally.

Absolutely not. If the final price we offer doesn’t meet your expectations, we’ll promptly ship your items back to you, covering all costs.

We commit to transferring funds to your bank account within 48 working hours from the moment a purchase agreement is concluded.

Absolutely, selling to ALLU is entirely secure. We proudly run over 165 luxury item buying stores globally. Given our extensive experience, we can confidently assure you of a safe selling process. Please bear in mind that all items are dispatched via Royal Mail.

If you have a question that is not answered above, send us a message via WhatsApp. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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